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Juvederm Volbella is a smooth gel whic comes in 2  x 1.0 ml syringes with ultra-fine needles for a precise application. Its soft formulation restores a natural feeling of fullness and hydration to areas especially around the mouth and along the outline of the face. The gel can also be used to treat superficial facial lines and wrinkles. The product contains lidocaine to ensure a more comfortable treatment.

Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture for a naturally rejuvenated look, while the gel itself smooths out and fills in lines and wrinkles. By promoting the retention of healthy levels of moisture & hydration within the skin over the long term, the lifting effects of Juvederm Volbella can last for up to a year after the initial procedure.

2 x 1 ml Pre-filled syringe
15 mg/ml Hyaluronic Acid with 0.3% Lidocaine

Recommended Indications

Restore lip volume
Redefine contours in the mouth area
Treat superficial facial lines and wrinkles

Needles = 2 x 30G * 1/2?
Storage = 2-25°C
Duration = Up to 12 months
BDDE = Not Detected

Juvederm Volbella

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